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With much gratitude for the ability that has been born to me as a spirit returned to living. I am blessed to do this work as The Wellbeing Advocate  in this lifetime.

Give thanks,

Give thanks,

Give thanks for the opportunity to serve my clients in this way! 


Margaret came into my life through an art student/friend this weekend. One of our conversations led to her opening up about her work and then collaborating with the spirit world to assist my daughter and our family in removing negative energy and clearing a path to move forward in a loving and beautiful way. There isn't enough room here to express my sincere and everlasting gratitude to her for sharing her innate gift with me and my family. Her holistic and spiritual healing has touched my family and for the first time in a long time , I feel at peace. I look forward to connecting again and continuing this amazing journey.

Much gratitude, K. Beller, Wilmington, NC


Margaret is an extraordinary Spirit. I reached out to Margaret for spiritual counseling. Her holistic approach includes a collaborative coaching style. She has the ability to recognize areas of imbalance and dis-ease then formulate a course of action to assist with aligning the body, mind, and spirit. I was introduced to the "God Box" which continues to provide comfort.

Thank you, Margaret.

 Marilyn A. of NC owner of


Margaret helped me to uncover and release the trapped emotions and former experiences that had become a stumbling block for my progress in many areas of my life. After my sessions with Margaret, I knew that my past hindrances were cleared and I felt an immediate renewing of my mind!

My creative seeds are starting to germinate again...

Thank you, Margaret!!

Monique S. of NC - Purium Health Products Advocate 



I would like to extend the invitation to anyone who is seeking deep spiritual enlightenment for self discovery to employ the services of Margaret Thornton. Her work has helped me to make it through many challenges in my personal and business life. Her work is amazing and awe inspiring. One visit will change your life and I'd put money on it.

Prosperity to All,

Aker A. El Bey, of NC


My time spent with Margaret opened up many new doorways and pathways on my healing journey. I came away with an awareness and understanding that was not there before.

Tchiya Amet El Maat, of CA owner or


The TWA experience has allowed me to open my mind, body and soul towards the process of clarification and elimination from any negative surroundings that block me from pursuing a positive future. A great detox for the soul.

Lisa G. of NY


I had a wonderful experience. Most amazing thing is the mental and emotional balance I acquired after my sessions. Visible difference in my attitude, which positively affects me and those around me.

Thank you,

Zhenya A. of Germany


Margaret helped me to understand who I am as a healer. She helped me work through today's obstacles as well as those that are trapped in my soul's journey. Margaret is an AWESOME vessel of light! She has taught me how to listen and follow through with what Spirit is saying to me! She helped me release blockages in my life that were keeping me from moving forward in life and in my ability to help others to heal. I am forever grateful for Margaret's obedience to Spirit. She has been there for me every time I needed her. She is willing to walk you through your spiritual journey. She gives all credit to God. Truly and Angel walking the earth!

Thank you Margaret! I love you!

Archana C., of NC


I recently completed an emotion code session with Margaret and all I can say is WOW!

Without revealing any information about myself to Margaret, she proceeded to identify areas of my body where I experienced discomfort and made recommendations. One recommendation was to drink coconut milk rather than cow's milk. What Margaret didn't know was that I was experiencing mild stomach discomfort in recent months and could not pinpoint the cause.

After a life-long love of milk, I made the switch....and now I feel like a new person! And this was just one suggestion. Thank you God and Margaret!

Toni M., of MD


Starting with the Lord's Prayer and permission to consult with the spirit, The Wellbeing Advocate works to unite my mind, body, and spirit to optimum performance. Meditation, intentions and dietary recommendations specific to my body's needs have left me feeling more calm, focused and healthy. Each session, if you require more than one, lifts off negativity and allows you insight into your most high self. I believe all people should try these services, especially if they have suffered an emotional or physical illness.

S. Banks, of NY


Thanks for calling and talking with me on yesterday. Today I feel very good probably as a result or combination of a few things from what I learned from you. And that being: 1) the prayer you prayed for me; 2) me taking the time to pray on last night and this morning; 3) and now instead of getting angry when anyone says or does something that offends me, I pray "Father, forgive him/her for they know not what they are doing." I also learned from you to forgive myself and that is a wonderful feeling. I will continue working on me, remembering to prayer both day and night no matter how tired I am and including more things in my life that will bring me joy. I remember on yesterday you said something about putting sunshine in my life, and after I thought about it I do not know if you meant sitting in the sunshine or to do things to brighten my life. Well I will do both. Thanks again for using your God given gift to benefit me and so many others and be blessed.

Jo Etta P., GA


I have been a client of Margaret's for several months and in that time I believe she has taught me a lot and helped me discover a lot about myself. I walk away from each session with a new understanding about myself and the world around me. I believe with Margaret's help I am on the path to be a healthier happier person.

Tara S., of NC


TWA does phenomenal work. I have known her on a personal level for many years and she is a person of high character, and often sacrifices for the benefit of others. Her innate gifts are rapidly manifesting and I am certain there is much more to come that will help many, as it has become clear to me that she, along with others came here "intentionally" at this time to assist humanity in our next step forward.

Thx TWA for all of your help to me personally through challenging times.

Todd H., of FL

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