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Who is The Wellbeing Advocate?

Margaret has led spiritual groups, studied and taught holistic health and wellbeing since 1991. Her understanding has grown immensely throughout the years as her gifts have expanded .

As a Wellness Practitioner/Healer/Spiritual Coach the ultimate understanding is that the body knows when it is out of balance and the spirit understands it's issue. This can be contributed to many things; disruptive environments and habits, toxins, toxic relationships, toxic practices and processes, karmic unrest, and un-forgiveness. When we are out of balance physically it is because we are out of balance vibrationally in our human code that dates many lifetimes.  Healing starts with understanding the vibration of the body, the frequency of the mind and the output of the spirit.  

As a Healer, Margaret's intuitive gifts allows her to scan the body vibrationally. Often a Channel comes through from the client's own upper chamber to assist with special guidance. Quite often there has been information that the loved ones have wanted to impart that will help the entire tribe to move forward from the ground up. Most often this is to shutter spiritual/ karmic unrest, and render it benign. As it is understood on Earth, so it is held in love in the Heavens above us. Therefore the work that we do together is Holy and not to be taken lightly. Margaret greatly and gratefully considers all assistance from above as Grace; a blessing from the Beautiful Ones, understanding that they trust her to support their loved ones' living. This is the job of a real Minister.

Margaret uses several techniques that have evolved exponentially over the years called Vibrational Scanning and Matching and 21 Day Vagal Response Treatment. This allows clients to bring their true condition forth to be recognized and given over as the spirit lets go of issues. The Matching to the proper modality then assist in finding the proper diet, proper supplementation, proper time for assimilation, proper prayer and affirming to move most unwilling illness and unrest to a place of healing and peace.  

Most recently through the science of the vagal nerve, meditation and prayer,  has come a wonderful understanding of the how the body can rid itself of illness and stagnant living and move itself to amazing results!

So be it on Earth as it is known in the upper chamber of the soul.

Albeit known: inside the Mind of the Infinite at Life, Source Energy, God. 

Amen, Amen, Amen.

Margaret Harris

Wellness Practitioner

Soul Archetype: Healer

Medical Intuitive Channel

License Minister

Certified Life & Spiritual Coach

Silva I & II Certified

Advanced Psych-K Certified

Reiki I & II Certified

NADA Acu Detox Specialist

NADA Registered Trainer

Light Therapy Certificate

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