The Wellbeing Advocate

 Raising Wellbeing, Raising Vibrancy!

Who is The Wellbeing Advocate?


Margaret  has studied spirituality and holistic health since 1991.  Her understanding has grown immensely throughout the years.  

As a Natural Health Practitioner the ultimate understanding is that the body knows when it is out of balance.  This can be contributed to many things; disruptive environments, toxins, toxic relationships, toxic thought processes,  karmic unrest, and un-forgiveness.  'When we are out of balance physically it is because we are out of balance spiritually and mentally.  When we are out of balance mentally, we may show up as out of balance chemically. which means the hormones of the brain and vital organs are out of alignment with health. 

As a Natural Health Practitioner Margaret's intuitive gift as a Healer and Medical Intuitive allows her to scan the body.  The channel comes through her special guidance in Heaven with a long time family friend that was a Catholic nun and doctor.  They work together to understand Margaret's client's condition or issues and then go to work using many modalities to clear away spiritual issues that hold illness or non productivity in the person's life.  Many people have symptoms that can alleviated very simply with a different understanding of why they showed up to begin with.

She has developed TWA's Mind, Body, Spirit Codes and uses Dr. Brad Nelson's Emotion Code to move her clients to healthy bodies and well living. 

She uses a technique that she calls Vibration Matching to help move illness to a place that allows comfort and rejuvenation for her clients!  Healing is inevitable. This shift is necessary for the soul to evolve and progress to be experienced as we move in Infinite Source.

As a Wellness Practitioner/ Healer and Certified Life and Spiritual Mentor, Margaret  holds herself to the same code of wellness that she assists her clients and family with.