The Wellbeing Advocate

 Raising Wellbeing, Raising Vibrancy, Value up!

Serving *Newborns to Senior Adults

The Vibrational Wellbeing Sessions

Several modalities are used to uncover trapped emotions, beliefs, spiritual and mindful imbalances, karmic or historical issues that cause many if not all life's upsets: anxiety, fear, sadness, anger, unrest, stress, undesired situations, undesired behaviors and unexplained consequences and their effects human living.

The Wellbeing Advocate unveils the Soul's Archetype and the Spirit's development during the first session to assist in moving the whole person within their promise, which uncovers the soul's purpose for being here on the planet. 

A The Wellbeing Advocate session allows each individual life to extract what is not needed, for-give it over to be cleared, cleaned, clear and moved inside The Infinite Mind, allowing  forward progress to  healthy, happy accomplished living.

(Two Sessions are recommended during a 6 week time period.)

Full Session

Full Session

Short Check in Session

Intuitive Clearing Reiki 

Energetic Space Clearing


Local clients are encouraged to come to the office twice a year : 30 days before your birthday and 6 months later.

Located inside: Total Touch Chiropractic 

5200 Park Road Building 2, Suite 126, Charlotte, NC 28209

Distance Clients: The Wellbeing Advocate serves English speaking clients across the USA, Canada, and globally.