The Wellbeing Advocate

 Raising Wellbeing, Raising Vibrancy!

TWA's Serves *Newborns to senior adults

TWA's Emotional Release Code

Uses several  modalities to uncover trapped emotions, beliefs, spiritual and mindful imbalances that cause many issues in life: anxiety, fear, sadness, anger, unrest, stress, undesired situations, undesired behaviors and unexplained consequences and their effects on your human life.

Shifts are made naturally in a way that allows TWA's clients to live their lives with a new understanding of wellbeing.  Some of TWA's effective tools of the trade as a Spiritual Life Mentor, Prayer Practitioner, Holistic Health Coach, Reiki Practitioner, Light Practitioner, Silva grad, Psych-k Practitioner that uses Emotion Code and channeled intuitive body access codes is: prayer first and foremost, forgiveness, affirmative statements, muscle testing, karmic release, angel card therapy, timeline therapy, light and sound therapy, pressure point re-set therapy, herbal and food vibration matching.  All assist the whole vessel with re-aligned health.

TWA unveils the Soul's Archetype during all sessions to assist in moving the whole person within their promise, which uncovers the soul's purpose for being here on the planet and if there is a need for Karmic healing we will recover necessary information and allow for forgiveness of those issues. 

A TWA Code session allows each individual life to extract what is not needed, forgive it and move forward to  healthy, happy accomplished living.

(Two Sessions are recommended during a 6 week time period.)


First Session Fee: $75.00 and follow-up Re-Set session is $55.00 within 6 weeks. After 6 weeks follow-up sessions are $75.00.

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Your $55.00 Follow Up visit within 6 weeks of a full priced visit.

TWA's Vibration Matching

For the body that is not healthy and in a state of suffering.  This is a Medical Intuitive body decoding.  

TWA uses muscle testing and energy tools to uncover physical imbalances that impede the body's health. This decoding allows TWA to understand what foods, beverages, supplements, regiments and specialized or professional therapies are a Vibration Match for the body's wellbeing  journey. This journey must be taken seriously and followed as suggested in order for the out comes to show up as needed. Times of day for assimilation, sleep, quiet time, foods, walking and sunshine are a part of the regiment along with affirmative statements for feeding the subconscious mind before bed and upon rising.

A thorough report is issued and emailed to the client with all suggestions. This service also includes TWA's Emotional Release Code. These two services together offer immeasurable progress and healing.


Fee: $150.00 with 2 follow-up visits within a 6 week period.  Follow up visits are $55.00 per visit.  Home visits are optional within a 50 mile radius of 5200 Park Rd., Charlotte, NC.

Most services are available by phone for distance clients.  TWA serves clients across the USA, Europe and South Africa.

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TWA Spiritual Cleanse

There are times when things are hiding and the ability to move through them is often quite exhausting and seemingly impossible.  These issues show up in re-occurring dreams, nightmares, thought patterns that are repetitive and scary, disruptive emotional, mental or spiritual occurrences (sometimes referred to as ADHD, Bipolar, hearing voices, etc.). Allow The Wellbeing Advocate to to move through thought and memory to help recover the hidden data of the thought processes without talk therapy by scanning the spirit. This is not a counseling session, but rather a discovery session that alleviates root cause through letting go. To set this appointment, only a phone call or text is necessary.  Make sure you are in a safe, private, open environment with a 8 ounce glass of water and pen and paper to write the 7 day plan to move you forward. If this session is for a child under the age of 16, the guardian or adult that is most supportive of the child can surrogate (sit in for the child).


Fee: $90.00 phone visit only. 

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Contact: Margaret Harris

Phone: 704-293-9839 or Email: [email protected].