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Newborns to Senior Adults served

Several modalities are used to uncover trapped emotions, beliefs, spiritual and mindful imbalances, karmic or historical issues that cause many if not all life's upsets: anxiety, fear, sadness, anger, unrest, stress, undesired situations, undesired behaviors and unexplained consequences and their effects human health and living.

The Vagal Response Treatment

The 21 Day Vagal Response Treatment : a no nonsense approach to successful living.

The body's response to tapping and acupressure has been found to enliven the innate response system which inspires new healthy cellular growth, remove toxins from the glandular system and reset the energetic streams of the body. The Wellbeing Advocates 21 Day Treatment allows the body and the energy field that bathes the body to be cleared at a deeper, deeper level of past pain (physically, emotionally and mentally) than any other techniques. It is a two part process of elimination and reprogramming the entire system. It allows the client to walk in their strength, on their path, in health and with renewed passion, all by enlivening the vagus nerve throughout the body. This is partly an intuitive process, where the client and practitioner work together, with the client completing private treatment for a period of 21 days.

The Wellbeing Advocate sessions:

  • Unveils the Soul's Archetype to discover purpose
  • Unveils the Spirit's dominant personality
  • Tapping and Acupressure for release
  • Tapping for enlivening the Vagal Response of the mind-body
  • Tapping for direction, creating and manifesting
  • Auricular Acupressure 
  • Kinesiology used with body intelligence for vibration of proper intake
  • Intuitive scanning of the body and energy field
  • Non invasive women's health and wellness care
  • Dream dissecting and deciphering for mental health
  • Reiki (in office sessions only)
  • Karmic and Historical Healing
  • Medium Channeling (only if guidance is available)
  • Moving clients through addiction to illicit drug use, alcohol use, nervous habits, video gaming, and other mental processes that the spirit wishes to let go of.
  • Stubborn ailments that elude the medical model

What you will discover is that the intelligence of the body mind and the spirit is willingly available to relinquish vibrational understanding of its state of being and is armored with the ability to move itself to health, period.  The key is finding the right practitioner that can read its understanding, with your assistance being the absolute desire to be well. 

Allow The Wellbeing Advocate to serve you in this way.

(The 21 Day Vagal Response Treatment requires the initial visit and a check in at the end of the 25th day.)  For desired results when shifting health to a new status, visits should be planned within a 6 week or less window. See appointment cost for the initial visit and for followup visits thereafter.

Full Session

First Session or beyond the 3 month window               $90.

Full Session

Within a 3 months window                                         $65.

Short Check in Session

30 - 40 Minute Session                                                 $45.

Intuitive Clearing Reiki

Reiki, Lights, Tuning Forks                                        $90.

Energetic Space Clearing

$250 per 1000 square feet                                              $$$

Pay at time of service

Local clients are encouraged to come to the office twice a year: 30 days before your birthday and 6 months later. Established clients that visit frequently are awarded 1 free session per year.

Located inside: The Center for Vibrational Wellbeing

Private location: information given at time of appointment 

Distance Clients: The Wellbeing Advocate serves English speaking clients across the USA, Canada, and globally.

Make An Appointment:

Text 704-293-9839 

Margaret Harris 

In person office hours:     

6:00 pm-8:00 pm Mon.- Fri. 

9:00 am-2:00 pm Saturday

Inside the office of:

Total Touch Chiropractic 

5200 Park Rd. Suite 126 

Charlotte, NC 28209


Phone Sessions Available:

Mon - Fri. 6:30 pm-8:00 pm

Saturday 9:00 am-3:00 pm


Make online payment.

Call in at designated time of appointment.  

Phone: 704-293-9839.

Be seated in a quiet, private space, have a bottle of water, pen and paper for note taking. 


To make the payment click on the buy now buttons or go to sign with The Wellbeing Advocates email:

Cash App, Zelle and Venmo accepted payment methods. 


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