The Wellbeing Advocate

 Raising Wellbeing, Raising Vibrancy!

Welcome to TWA!

Where our mission is simple: We minister to your innate wellbeing.

As a Wellness Practitioner and Medical Intuitive TWA's job is to assist clients in re-aligning with their divine nature of sound mind, body, spirit and the soul's purpose.  Wherever you are on your journey and whatever your desires, The Wellbeing Advocate is here to intuitively walk you through the emotional releasing that is needed in order to allow wellbeing and progress in your life. We are all spiritual beings of light (energy) having a physical existence and when our physical body is suffering most often this means that the emotions and spirit are out of balance. TWA's Emotional Release Code, TWA's Reset and Vibrational Matching can shift the body, the mind, the attitude, the behavior and the spirit in amazing ways. You owe it to yourself to live a blessed, healed and illumined life, call for your appointment today.  You will be glad that you did!