The Wellbeing Advocate 
TWA's Mission:
Ministering to the innate wellbeing of each 
person individually and collectively.
In the beginning there was the word and the word was a vibration that created the heavens and the earth.  This word was the sound of Om. The sound of Om is the sound of life at its fullest potential. This is the state of vibrancy that (TWA) The Wellbeing Advocate  works to rejuevenate within her clients by assisting them in identifying and clearing away emotional blocks such as self defeating  emotions, thoughts, beliefs, behaviors and patterns.These blocks constrict the channels of health and progressive living in the body, mind and spirit. 
TWA utilizes successful physiological processes such as the TWA Wellness Code including Emotion Code, and Psych-K. These services assist her clients in shifting on many levels, resulting in the enjoyment of long lasting positive life changes.
TWA also offers detailed Custom Wellness Plans that promote vibrant, regenerative  health for (adults, teens and tots) thus allowing transformative wellbeing. 
Welcome to TWA!
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